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Life Terra Foundation - Empower To Restore

We are proud to be a partner of the Life Terra Foundation, one of Europe’s largest climate action initiatives. Their mission is to enable people to take impactful climate action by facilitating tree planting, educating future generations, and more...

I have been delighted with the partnership we have established with BrightVibes. Their dedication and creativity in producing impactful, authentic video content and managing our social media channels has been essential in reaching millions of Europeans and empowering them to take action on climate change.

Sven Kallen -Founder of Life Terra

Challenge: Launch & Grow Life Terra, Storytelling & Int’l Reach

Life Terra needed a long-term, international partner to produce high-quality videos and co-manage their social media channels, to reach millions of people across Europe and involve citizens, companies, and public organizations in their climate action activities.

Solution: 20 videos per year, leveraging BrightVibes reach

Our dedicated team at BrightVibes produces 20 videos per year and co-manages Life Terra’s social media content and channels. Our videos range from instructional videos, B2B and B2C campaigns to personal stories. We share select video stories on our own BrightVibes channels to increase organic reach and accelerate Life Terra’s growth.

Impact: Growth Beyond Objectives

Our collaboration has resulted in Life Terra reaching over 8 million people, surpassing all milestones of the project and playing a vital role in the communications strategy and execution of the project as part of a consortium of 16 organizations. We are proud to be the video and social media partner of the European Life Terra Foundation, and to support their mission of empowering communities and restoring our connection with the earth.

We are proud to contribute to the Life Terra project as a Communication associate and are in charge of leading social media and awareness campaigns. Our focus in 2023 is mainly on video production and leveraging the reach of our BrightVibes channels to help Life Terra’s social media channels grow. Life Terra is co-financed by the European Commission through the LIFE Program. Find out more here.

We are passionate about collaborating with wonderful organizations and initiatives that truly make our world a better place. Check out our case studies of brands we’ve helped amplify their impact. Or even better; reach out to