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Effective communication for impactful change

Leading the way in authentic storytelling since 2015

9+ Years of credible storytelling driving impact


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Create credible content

Share your story authentically.

Our team excels in creating authentic video content and campaigns to enhance your reach and impact, supported by our extensive network of digital publishers and content creators worldwide. Monthly, we help connect with over 2.5 million followers through our website and social media channels. Globally, our outreach extends to approximately 10 million people across English, Dutch, and Spanish platforms.”

Engaging Campaigns

Connect & share your stories with the world

Connect & share your stories with the world.

BrightVibes helps you develop impactful campaigns by using science based strategies that increase brand credibility and generate positive engagement for sustainable and social causes.

Impact Marketing Strategy

Elevate your impact strategy

Elevate your impact communication strategy

Through our impact sprints, we assist in creating strategic plans, provide advice on difficult decisions, and work towards tangible results. Together, we develop an action plan for impactful communication, focusing on culture, collaborations, data, and authentic storytelling.

Social Media Management

Empower your audience Inspire everyone

Empower your audience. Inspire everyone.

We specialize in setting up and managing social media channels for our clients. From content creation to community management, we handle it all. By leveraging our BrightVibes channels, we help you amplify the impact of your social media posts and quickly grow your own channels organically.

Workshops & Lectures

Discover the theory of credible impact marketing

Discover the theory of credible impact communication 

Are you interested in the psychology behind credible impact communication? Would you like to learn more about using neuropsychology to personalise your message? BrightVibes offers customised workshops and lectures tailored to an organisation’s specific needs, sharing our vast experience of more than 10 years with in-depth insights and strategies.

Data driven campaigns

Let AI & data enhance your impact

Let AI & data enhance your communications

BrightVibes helps you understand and practice data-driven content creation, where creativity is used to tell engaging stories that increase brand awareness and stimulate audience engagement.

Impact balanced Design

GPS to credible impact communication

GPS to Credible Impact Communication

Impact Balanced Design offers a simple and fast solution by identifying the strengths within the organization instead of hiring expensive consultants. Together, we find the best way forward to create impact through concrete actions.

It includes an Impact Maturity Diagnosis and impact sprints developed from years of experience with successful large brands and impactful initiatives worldwide.

Importantly, Impact Balanced Design provides reliable insights so organizations can see how they compare to others and how they can improve immediately.

The results provide a clear picture of the organization’s impact and offer concrete recommendations and actions for growth.

Reach more through Authentic Inspiration (human AI ;-)

Step 1: TOUCHING HEARTS Through storytelling, we make people feel the impact of authentic and emotionally compelling stories in videos, content, and platforms, enhanced by A.I. This creates a genuine desire for positive change.

Step 2: INSPIRING MINDS We provide insights that shed fresh perspectives and revive ideals, helping to see things differently and offering actionable perspectives.

Step 3: MOBILIZING HANDS Every communication ends with a clear and achievable step, guiding people to turn their empathy into meaningful action, bridging the gap between inspiration and tangible impact.

Guided by driven & experienced impact makers

Michiel de Gooijer

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Meet Mister BrightVibes. Nine years ago, Michiel decided to use his experience to make a positive impact. He worked at big companies like Endemol International, Talpa, and Digitas before dedicating himself to amplifying the good.

Seeing the positive impact that our stories have on millions of people, on the beautiful initiatives and brands we help, and on our incredibly talented & motivated team, inspires Michiel every day.

What our community says about us:

A selection of our work

We love to amplify the positive impact of purposeful brands & organizations. We do this by creating contagiously inspiring stories, reaching millions of people every month who want to make a positive difference.

DSM x The Ocean Cleanup