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Sheltersuit - People Helping People

Sheltersuit is a place where people from all walks of life work, create products that help ease the symptoms for people experiencing homelessness. They're famous for their wind and waterproof jacket with an optional sleeping bag attachment.

I want to thank BrightVibes for all the awareness, and all the donations from your community. Ashton Kutcher shared our BrightVibes video and your global reach helped us to get feet on the ground from NYC to London and Capetown.

Bas Timmer -Founder Sheltersuit

Challenge: Increase Awareness & Donations

Bas Timmer, the founder of Sheltersuit, is doing an amazing job of providing our homeless brothers & sisters at least some warmth. And his work deserves a global stage.

Solution: Production & Distribution of Authentic Video Story

We delved into the heart of Sheltersuit with a captivating video that unveils the story behind this remarkable initiative. We interviewed Bas Timmer, the founder of Sheltersuit, to understand the inspiration behind his vision. We captured the essence of Sheltersuit’s mission in a featurette showcasing their team at work in the Sheltersuit Studio. The video was then multilingually enhanced with subtitles in Dutch, English, and Spanish.

Impact: A Viral Sensation that Launched Sheltersuit Global

Our video for Sheltersuit surpassed all expectations, garnering an astounding 11 million views, 56,000 likes, 3,200 comments, and 44,000 shares. The impact was immediate and far-reaching: over €15,000 in online donations, a personal endorsement from Ashton Kutcher, and a surge in global recognition that propelled Sheltersuit to open offices in London, Cape Town, and New York. This viral success transformed Sheltersuit into a global force for good.


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