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Be One With Nature

WWF Netherlands

WWF is on a mission to create a "Nature Positive" world. Their goal is to reverse the loss of nature and increase its gain as quickly as possible, ensuring a livable planet for all. With collective effort, we believe this is achievable.

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Challenge: Raise Awareness, Petition Sign-ups

WWF Netherlands launched a campaign to stop Arctic noise, which has a significant negative impact on the lives of whales. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness among as many Dutch people as possible about the damage caused by noise pollution from sources such as large container ships and oil drilling platforms. To encourage governments and companies to change their practices, WWF Netherlands initiated a petition drive with the aim of gathering as many signatures as possible.


Solution: Educational Video, Clear Call To Action

We crafted a concise video aimed at educating, engaging, and inspiring action among our audience and our partners’ followers on social media. Using effective sound design, the video initially highlights the problem of sound pollution on whales, then presents a clear call-to-action to sign an online petition with a simple click.


Impact: 65% Conversion

The short-form video was distributed across WWF Netherlands, BrightVibes, and partner channels, resulting in over 120,000 views. Of the 1,600 people who clicked through to the WWF website, a remarkable 65% ultimately signed the online petition.


We’ve collaborated on more projects with WWF Netherlands. They asked us to make social, short-form versions of a series of documentaries that showcased young, innovative farmers who are in the middle of transitioning to farm in harmony with nature, contributing to improving our soil and nature. This video garnered 150k views and 1,3k engagements.



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