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Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation

As strategic and operational content partner of Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation, we support their mission to inspire and empower cities to transform into food-producing communities; fostering a healthier and more sustainable living environment.

BrightVibes continues to deliver a crucial contribution to the global growth and development of Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation.

Meiny Prins -Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation

Challenge:  put Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation on the map

Three years ago, during its early stages, SUD encountered the challenge of establishing a robust social media strategy. They recognized the need for a trustworthy partner who could assist in executing their strategy and effectively amplify their message on a global scale. As a budding organization, SUD sought a long-term collaboration to not only help them discover their unique voice but also connect with their target audiences, ranging from inspiring citizens to (local) government officials and entrepreneurs.

Solution: full-service content production & social media management

Our devoted team at BrightVibes played a crucial role in the development of the SUD website. We take pride in producing captivating videos, compelling social media content, and managing SUD’s online presence across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Moreover, we go the extra mile by sharing handpicked video stories from SUD on our own BrightVibes channels, enhancing their organic reach and boosting SUD’s overall growth.

Impact: Growing A Strategic Partnership

Together, we have achieved significant milestones, enabling SUD to reach and impact millions of individuals. We take pride in our ongoing role in shaping SUD’s communication strategy and execution, contributing to its continued success. Moreover, we actively work alongside SUD to strategically expand its global network within the realm of urban agriculture, supporting its journey as they evolve from an inspirational platform to an organization dedicated to assisting major cities in unlocking the benefits of urban agriculture.


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