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Fairphone's mission to create sustainable, people and planet-friendly smartphones is a cause we're proud to support. They produce modular, easy-to-self-repair smartphones that they want you to use as long as possible.

BrightVibes' authentic storytelling helped us simplify a complex message and reach a broader audience. We were impressed by their ability to deliver high-quality content in an easy-to-understand way. Their approach also inspired us to enhance our internal content production.

Eva Gouwens -CEO

Challenge: Increase Reach, Innovate in Storytelling

Help Fairphone reach a new, broader audience and help tell their story in a condensed, easy-to-understand way. In addition, inspire Fairphone’s content team how to tell stories differently.

Solution: Series of 3 videos in 3 languages

We created a series of three video concepts. Firstly, one video highlights how Fairphone is changing the electronics industry by being the first to introduce leading sustainability and social features. Secondly, another video focused on the Right To Repair, and the third one featured a new perspective on consumerism. Lastly, the videos were published simultaneously on BrightVibes, relevant BrightVibes partners and on Fairphone’s channels.

Impact: overachieved targets and set a new standard

We overdelivered on the targets set by Fairphone. Overall, our videos reached  630k people and generated over 16k link clicks to their website. All in all, the engagement indicators expressed 98% positive sentiment. In addition, our Fairphone Firsts video is set as the company’s hero video on its Youtube channel and is used for onboarding its new employees.


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