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Triodos Bank

Money can change the world for the better. The Triodos Bank finances progressive entrepreneurs and influences the banking sector to become more transparent, diverse and sustainable.

Challenge: Raise Awareness In New Regions

Triodos Bank (NL) asked us to help communicate their core values, reach an additional target group of Cultural Creatives and support social entrepreneurs that bank with Triodos Bank.

Solution: Inspiring Video Portraits & Exposure

We’ve filmed four inspiring portraits of social and sustainable companies that bank with Triodos Bank. The Triodos brand was subtly integrated in each story and co-branded with Triodos Bank. We filmed at MudJeans, Rootz Bikes, Mr. and Mrs Watson, and Dutch Weed Burger. All videos were posted on Triodos Bank’s social media channels and our Dutch BrightVibes channels.

Impact: BrightVibes’ Videos Best Performing

Our videos have consistently outperformed videos that Triodos Bank has published previously on their Facebook page. The four videos we produced and published generated over 600,000 views and 16,525 engagements, significantly outperforming the bank’s other videos. The sentiment of the posts on our BrightVibes social media channels was overwhelmingly positive.

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