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BrightVibes played a key role in elevating the Green Challenge's visibility and impact internationally. With millions of views and over 100k engagements, their efforts were instrumental in driving thousands of clicks to our website, boosting global awareness, and attracting quality applications from across the globe.

David van der Leij - Sustainability Manager at Nationale Postcode Loterij

Changing The World For Good

Green Challenge

For several years we successfully collaborated with The National Postcode Lottery's global Green Challenge, one of the largest annual international competitions for social entrepreneurs with an innovative start-up that contributes towards a more sustainable planet.

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Challenge: Elevating the Green Challenge to Global Prominence

For 15 years, the Dutch National Postcode Lottery spearheaded one of the globe’s most prestigious competitions, awarding €500,000 to innovative entrepreneurs who masterfully blend sustainability, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Our mission was to amplify this initiative worldwide, attracting potential innovators to participate and providing winners with a global platform to showcase their achievements.

Solution: Crafting Engaging Single-Narrative Stories

Employing a strategic approach, we developed captivating single-narrative videos that spotlighted previous winners. These stories not only highlighted their innovative solutions and the significant impact of winning the Green Challenge but also featured a compelling call to action for social entrepreneurs to join the fray. Over various editions, we spotlighted two to three winners across different categories, creating authentic and emotionally resonant content designed for widespread sharing through our global network, thereby maximizing the stories’ reach and impact.


Impact: Growth Beyond Objectives

Our content campaign was a viral success, with video views ranging from hundreds of thousands to several millions. Notably, the Landlife feature amassed over 2.1 million views and 170,000 engagements, while The Great Bubble Barrier and EarthEnable videos garnered 740,000 and 300,000 views, respectively. Beyond elevating the Challenge’s global profile and enhancing the winners’ success, our efforts drove thousands of clicks to the Green Challenge website, significantly boosting interest and participation from around the world. Our videos were reposted or shared by tens of like-minded publishers, amplifying the global reach.

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