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ECOALF is a leading sustainable fashion brand committed to preserving natural resources. With a mission to create sustainable products, the brand is recognized by B Corp as one of the top 5% "Best for the World" companies globally.

Challenge: Present ECOALF to the World

ECOALF started “Upcyling the Oceans”; an initiative to collect and repurpose ocean plastic waste into sustainable products to reduce marine pollution. A great initiative that deserves a much bigger stage. They commissioned BrightVibes to showcase the brand and its “Upcycling the Oceans” project to a global audience (English, Spanish, Dutch & German) through custom video production & and exposure.


Solution: Original Video Production & Global Social Media Distribution

In an exclusive interview aboard a fishing trawler, ECOALF CEO and Founder Javier Goyeneche and a representative of the participating fishermen shared their insights on the critical issue of plastic pollution and how ECOALF is transforming ocean waste into a valuable resource for its products. The inspiring video was published on BrightVibes’ website, social media channels, and our influential distribution network.


Impact: Shared by Ashton Kutcher, 2.6M views

ECOALF’s “Upcycling the Oceans” project video has captivated a global audience, garnering over 2.6 million views and sparking meaningful engagement through shares, comments, and likes. The video’s positive reception, including endorsements from influential figures like Ashton Kutcher, solidifies its role as a powerful tool for communicating ECOALF’s commitment to sustainability.



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