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Upworthy - Zappos - We Carry Kevan

Upworthy is a social media brand that shares the best of humanity. Through positive storytelling they've built a community of 16M followers. We've been collaborating for years and they approached us for a joined branded content promotion with Zappos.

BrightVibes told our story in a unique manner which caught Upworthy's and Zappos' attention. Thanks to BrightVibes, our non-profit received additional exposure and helped us receive a substantial donation from Zappos. Thanks to this collaboration, we've been able to support several families on their journeys.

Kevan Chandler -Founder We Carry Kevan

Challenge: Support Branded Content Collab with Zappos

Upworthy – a media brand and BrightVibes partner – celebrated for spotlighting humanity’s finest moments,  approached us for a co-branded content promotion alongside Zappos, showcasing one of our compelling videos.

Solution: License of BrightVibes Original Video

We licensed our independent BrightVibes video production, showcasing an exclusive interview with We Carry Kevan’s founder, Kevan Chandler, to Upworthy as part of Zappos’ #DoGoodChallenge. Upworthy shared our video on its Instagram account, along with a compelling Zappos branded call to action encouraging its followers to spend more time outdoors.

Impact: Zappos Brand Engagement & Support for We Carry Kevan

Our partnership has yielded significant results, including 480k views on Upworthy’s Instagram, increased brand promotion, and engagement for both Zappos and the non-profit We Carry Kevan. Furthermore, this collaboration spurred a generous donation from Zappos to We Carry Kevan, enabling them to assist numerous families in their journey by providing custom-made backpacks for carrying their loved ones.

We are passionate about collaborating with wonderful organizations and initiatives that truly make our world a better place. Check out our case studies of brands we’ve helped amplify their impact. Or even better; reach out to