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We were looking for a video partner that could capture the authentic experiences we offer in our #1 destination, Rome, and we couldn't have picked a better partner than BrightVibes. Both the end result and the journey of capturing our experiences were awesome. Their team was incredibly passionate and professional.

Matthijs Keij - CEO Withlocals

Enchanting experiences, with incredible locals


Withlocals offers unique experiences with locals worldwide. Their global community of locals and travelers share a passion for travel and a desire to connect with each other. They are a B Corp certified company, committed to sustainable tourism.

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Challenge: Capture Authentic Stories & Story Telling Innovation

Rome, the Eternal City, is Withlocals’ top destination. They’ve entrusted us with the task of producing a series of compelling and authentic videos that encapsulate the essence of meaningful connections between tourists and Withlocals hosts. They wanted to break away from the traditional, scripted promotional travel videos that did not include their customers.


Solution: Video Stories That Capture Rome’s Authentic Soul

To unveil the true essence of Rome, we embarked on a five-day journey into the heart of Rome, collaborating with three Withlocals guides and their enthusiastic guests. Immersed in the city’s vibrant rhythm, we crafted a series of five captivating video stories that showcase the transformative power of authentic connections and the unique experiences that Withlocals has to offer.


Impact: Unveiling the Heart of Withlocals

Our goal was to capture the true essence of Withlocals through compelling storytelling, not just produce videos. We marked a milestone for Withlocals as their customers actively shaped the narrative. The result was a series of engaging videos that resonated with viewers.

We also developed a manual to empower Withlocals to create authentic video content in the future. This manual guides Withlocals in capturing their unique experiences and sharing them with the world.



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