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Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

The Association Montessori International's (AMI) commitment to empowering individuals - from a young age to the elderly - through a focus on their strengths and self-development resonates strongly with Brightvibes.

BrightVibes' impactful video series resonated with a global audience, reaching millions of viewers, and helped to position AMI as a leading global Montessori organization. Also, they are a pleasure to work with.

Lynne Lawrence -Executive Director Association Montessori International

Challenge: position AMI as a versatile, global leader

AMI needed support to underline the relevance of the Montessori approach in today’s and tomorrow’s society. How to communicate that the Montessori approach is applicable not only to young children, and emphasize that it is not elitist. The ultimate goal was to position AMI as the leading global Montessori organization.


Solution: Montessori Magic – Ages to Stages

We produced a series of three videos for AMI to showcase the broad applicability of the Montessori approach to all age groups and emphasize its non-elitist nature. The first video commemorated the 150th anniversary of Maria Montessori, shedding light on her enduring educational legacy. The second delved into a conversation with Anne Kelley, AMI’s Global Dementia and Ageing Expert, exploring the Montessori approach in elder care. The third video took us to a leading Dutch Montessori primary school in the Netherlands, illustrating the method’s impactful application in early childhood education.

The videos were published on all BrightVibes’ and AMI’s channels in English and Spanish language.


Results: With 7 million video views, AMI went viral

Our 3 videos became viral hits, reaching an organic viewership of 7 million and generating over 4k comments and 40k reactions. This success allowed AMI to gain 2.5k new followers on social media, surpassing all expectations, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Check out the videos in the articles below.


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