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Mattel - Uno Playground

The UNO Playtime playground curtails schoolyard loneliness by fostering seamless interactions among children through play, eliminating the need for them to request inclusion.

Our collaboration with BrightVibes, who produced and published the campaign video, generated overwhelming interest from schools and was instrumental in winning a prestigious social impact AMMA award. Thanks to our collaboration, there are likely fewer lonely kids in the world.

Thijs Verheugen -Social Brand Activation Specialist Dentsu

Challange: raise awareness for UNO’s Playground Installation

Dentsu approached us to play an important role in their social brand awareness campaign that demonstrates to a large audience that UNO is a loving, playful brand that connects children aged 6 – 11.

Solution: production and distribution of authentic video story

We’ve showcased the power of the inclusive playground installation by talking to children who experienced loneliness, and who now see the positive effects of the installation and educational program firsthand. We also heared from teachers about the impact this simple intervention has on classroom dynamics.

Impact: hundreds of school applications and won an impact award

Our video campaign generated 244k views and 8k engagements in the Netherlands and 175k views and 11k engagements in English. It received overwhelming interest from schools and won the prestigious Amma Award for Societal Impact in 2020.


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