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Turning worry into positive action

BrightVibes was founded by Michiel de Gooijer (NL), Aletxu Echevarria (ES) and Pasa Mustafa (UK) back in 2015. Michiel realised how worried he is about the fact that we are 'eating up' the world way faster than it can regenerate itself, and that some eat way too much and many are left with the crumbs. These big worries became Michiel's fuel (renewable ofcourse) to harness the power of positive story telling to create positive change.

girl planting tree life terra


Tremendous Growth

Our website and social media channels were launched mid-2015 in English language. We started by creating one place where we curated positive, uplifting stories. We learned what type of stories worked well, and decided to start creating original video stories. When some of our videos generated tens of millions of views, our community grew by 500% in two weeks. This meant we were ready for the next step.


Helping Brands & NGOs

In 2016 we created the first original branded content video, commissioned by DSM about their collaboration with Boyan Slat's NGO The Ocean Cleanup. Our visually rich, inspiring video with Boyan went viral and got more than 10 million views and over a million engagements. Since then, we have told many more inspiring stories about DSM, The Ocean Cleanup and many other impactful initiatieves and brands. We started publishing in Dutch, German and Spanish language, and grew our community to 1 Million followers.


Our Journey Continues

Fast forward to today, our videos have generated billions of views, but most importantly, inspired positive change in the lives of many people, brands and NGOs. Our stories led to green bus stops from Melbourne to Mexico, supported homeless people to sleep warm at night, sustainable fashion companies to scale up, and inspire millions of people every day to contribute positively themselves. We expanded our services to include content strategy and social media management.



Let's amplify your impact!

Reach out to us today and our team will help your brand make a positive difference.