Food Freedom: Rob Greenfield’s Year of Growing and Foraging 100% of His Food

For 12 months Rob Greenfield intends grow or forage 100% of his food while living in the urban city of Orlando, Florida — already in his second month and things are going well.

Food Freedom is Rob Greenfield’s Latest Project: a Year of Growing and Foraging 100% of His Food

Adventurer, environmental activist, and humanitarian, Rob Greenfield’s latest project is going an entire year without eating food from grocery stores, restaurants, or even eating and drinking at a party. He will be growing and foraging 100% of his food for a full 12 months.

For one year Rob Greenfield eats only food he has grown himself or foraged from nature Every single morsel of food, down to the salt, oils, and herbs will come from the land and Rob will harvest it himself. He will go an entire year without eating food from grocery stores (including the dumpsters), restaurants, or even taking a nibble of chocolate or a sip of tea at a party. Source: YouTube BrightVibes

Why is Rob Greenfield giving up the convenience of the twenty-first century food system?

Why is Rob Greenfield doing this? Why would he step so far away from the convenience and comfort of the twenty-first century food system? Why would he put himself into a situation where he has to resist so much temptation? Food is the center of most of our lives, so why would he do something so extreme that sets his daily life far apart from most of those around him? On his website, Rob explains;

“My goal isn’t to get anyone to do exactly as I am doing. Instead it’s about getting in touch with our actions and then making positive changes to do what we all can do in our own situations. My goal is to inspire more people to shop local and support local farmers and growers, to eat whole foods and reduce packaged, processed foods, to grow some of their own food even if it’s just one tomato plant on a balcony, and to buy from businesses and people who have more ethical practices such as regenerative and organic farmers. 

I hope to light little fires of curiosity and interest in people that results in some positive change and that slowly leads them into a new life of eating and living in a manner that is better for our world as a whole.”

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“I am no doubt doing this to remove myself from the globalized industrialized food system and all of the destruction that goes along with it.” — Rob Greenfield Source:

Read Rob’s full article on his Food Freedom Project HERE

Food has been made so convenient for most of us today that we need not question where it comes from, the resources it took to produce it, how it got to us, who was involved in the entire process, and so on. Thus, we eat hundreds, or even thousands, of different foods from all over the world typically without ever really understanding the food itself or the system that brought it to us. Find out more with Rob Greenfield.

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