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David Beckham’s dedication to the good fight

During his career, David Beckham got involved with many charities, but after his retirement, his involvement has only grown.

From Manchester United to Real Madrid; David Beckham played everywhere. Now he’s the star of his own UNICEF campaign.

David Beckham is a name few won’t recognize; a successful British soccer player who played for his national team and other teams such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain and the husband of former Spice-girl Victoria Beckham.

He’s also known for his good looks and can be found in several fashion campaigns, showing off his athletic physique. He has now released a video in which he shows his tattoo-covered body in an entirely different campaign; a UNICEF campaign for violence against children. A campaign like this one with David Beckham and UNICEF had been a long time coming.

Source: UNICEF

He started playing soccer at an early age  and at sixteen, he started as a trainee for Manchester United. Throughout his career he has always put a focus on charitable work and donations. 

When he started playing for Paris Saint-Germain, his first 4 million dollar earning wnet straight to charity. But he does more than simply give money. He has been actively campaigning and supporting several charities such as Help for Heroes, which is aimed at helping injured army personnel.

David Beckham: Violence can mark children forever #ENDviolence Tattoos are marks that often represent special memories, but millions of children bear marks they have not chosen - and that will last a lifetime. Physical, sexual and emotional abuse is widespread with millions of children around the world experiencing violence in their homes, schools, online and in their communities. Violence against children is not inevitable. It is possible to break the cycle of violence against boys and girls. Source: YouTube Unicef

This December, UNICEF and david released a film to shine a light on the issue violence against children. In the video we see David Beckham’s body with different tattoo’s than usual. The tats are moving images illustrating different forms of psysical and psychological abuse. It shows that this abuse marks children forever.

He’s been with UNICEF for eleven years in which he’s gone above and beyond to help children in every corner of the warth.

“As a father of four I cannot sit on the sidelines when millions of children are suffering needlessly.”

For 22Kill, a charity that raises awareness for veteran suicide, David Beckham did the 22pushup challenge. Source: Youtube

He is a founding member of Malaria No More, which, as the name suggests, fights to stop the horrible disease.  His wife and fashion-icon Victoria Beckham wore the accompanying mosquito ring to help raise awareness.

Together with Victoria he also founded the David and Victoria Beckham charitable trust, which supports over a dozen of charitable causes like providing wheelchairs for children in need.

Victoria with the Malaria No More mosquitoring
Victoria with the Malaria No More mosquitoring Source: Malaria no more

His focus on helping people and especially children led to his appointment as a UNICEF ambassador in 2005. As goodwill ambassador he has a focus on sport for development. Over the years he’s gotten more and more involved with the charity and in 2015 he launched 7: the David Beckham UNICEF fund with which he creates change for children around the world ranging from meeting children with hiv to bringing their voices to the UN general assembly.

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