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Tattoo shop covers hateful gang or Nazi related tattoos for free

Sometimes people make bad choices, and sometimes people change. Southside Tattoo in Baltimore launches “Random Acts of Tattoo Project” with free make-overs

Only 3 days ago, the Baltimore Southside Tattoo posted this message on Facebook.  Their so called "Random Acts of Tattoo Project" has gone viral. 

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Start of something bigger

Since they have posted it, their post has reached over 1M people, and they have been overwhelmed with people asking to have their hateful messages covered. 

What started as a small gesture to help their community has went world wide! Their goal was to help ex gang members in Baltimore cover their gang and racist tattoos so that they could get rid of the constant reminder of a past life. They have gotten hundreds of inquiries about work, some near, some far. As they want to help as many people as possible, but there are costs for supplies and travel. 

Their goal is to form a non profit collective of artists from all over the world and get people in need the services that they need for free! They have had an overwhelming request asking where donations could be made. 

"We are truly humbled to have the ability to heal others through our art… no strings attached."  they posted on their GoFundMe page. 

Swastika Busters

This awesome project has a lot of similarities with the Paintback movement in Berlin. Whenever a swastika graffiti pops up in the German capital, a group of street artists come into action to turn these terrible messages of hate into love. 

Paintback turns messagges of hate into loveSource: Facebook BrightVibes

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