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This Haka is an awesome tribute to their retiring teacher.

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You can feel the massive respect they have for their teacher. #goosebumps

One people

Kudos to these students from New Zealand. They pay respect to a retiring teacher in an incredibly impressing tribute. 

When we see the video below we don’t see white or color people . We see one people.

Impressive Haka dance to pay respect to retiring teacherSource: Facebook Maori Worldwide

More about the Haka

"Haka –sometimes termed a posture dance could also be described as a chant with actions. There are various forms of haka; some with weapons some without, some have set actions others may be ‘free style.’ Haka is used by Māori (indigenous people of New Zealand) for a myriad of reasons; to challenge or express defiance or contempt, to demonstrate approval or appreciation, to encourage or to discourage, to acknowledge feats and achievements, to welcome, to farewell, as an expression of pride, happiness or sorrow. There is almost no inappropriate occasion for haka; it is an outward display of inner thoughts and emotions. Within the context of an occasion it is abundantly clear which emotion is being expressed." ~ NZ Defence Force

Below you can watch a brief documentary about the Haka. 

Documentary about the Haka Source: Youtube

And this probably is one of the best – and most watched – Hakas performance by the All Blacks rugby team prior to the start of match.

All Blacks rugby team performs impressive Haka Ahead of the final of Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand, the French team formed an arrow as the All Blacks performed their pre-match tradition - the haka. Source: YouTube
Make an Impact

Learn more about the Haka

The Haka is much more than 'just' a dance. Learn about the ins & outs here.