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This Patron Saint of dogs makes life for the homeless a little less ruff

Source: BrightVibes

A benevolent vet gives free treatment to dogs of homeless owners.

 24 year old Ruby Shorrock set up Trusty Paws, with which she treats the dogs of homeless for free.

Trusty Paws

Homeless people are often accompanied by a dog, and for good reason.  As Ruby says;

 “For the homeless, there is a reliance on their dogs, mentally andemotionally. The dog isn’t going to lie to them or steal from them. Sometimes it is the only thing they can trust. There is often an extremely strong relationship there. They will do anything for them.”

 But keeping the dogs healthy is pricy as a simple consult fee often costs more than 30 euros. Ruby set up Trusty Paws two years ago when she saw a similar initiative on TV and realized there wasn’t a service like that in Glasgow, her home city.

 She asked her fellow veterinary students to help her out with the project to provide treatment to dogs of people sleeping rough. The clinic is open one day a month, and has an informal setting, so as to not scare of its clients. They provide care for animals such as vaccinations, de-worming, neutering, flea-treatment and help with skin conditions and infections.

Source: Twitter Trusty Paws

Everyone is pitching in

They were offered the use of the premises of The Simon Community, on organisation that supports the homeless.

 Crucial medication like vaccines and stuff were provided by Virbac, a veterinary supply company. And Royal Canin had provided specialist dog food.

But the public chipped in generously as well; Ruby set up a wish list on the Trusty Paw’s website and people donated all sorts of supplies like leads and dog coats.

 Their outreach officers hand out cards with details to homeless peopleservices and clients at soup kitchens and such.

Source: Trusty Paws

The clinic has already treated over a hundred dogs and it inspired othercities to set up similar services and Ruby herself has opened a similar center in Maryleborne following the successof her first clinic.

 Last year she received an award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Source: Trusty Paws
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