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These whole-hoggers prove that nothing is impossible

Source: BrightVibes

When you’re not sure if you can do something you put heart into, watch this video. It will kill all doubts!

Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t

Again,  the time of the year that we think about our new year’s resolutions is approaching. But many of us are full of doubts; can I really do it? Watch the compilation below with awesome examples of amazing whole-hoggers and you’ll be motivated to the bone to realise your resolutions!

We CAN do anything we put our heart into it Compilation of 7 amazing people with a 'disability' but see nothing but possibilities. Source: Facebook BrightVibes

Their perseverance and dedication is admirable. Where most people would give up, they see each attempt as getting closer to where they want to be. They don’t let other people tell them they can’t do something; they proof those people wrong.

So whether your new year’s resolution is to quit smoking, drink less, work out more, admit that you are a Belieber, spend more time with your loved ones, learn something new, squander less money, eat healthier, do more voluntary work, or what ever… even if you failed to do so in the past 5 years… YOU CAN DO IT.

And when you lack motivation, hit REPLAY on the video above.

If you’re particularly motivated by any of these people, watch their individual stories below.

1. B-boy

We searched the interwebz to find out who this amazing dancer is, but without success. If any of you know him, please let me know at

Source: YouTube

2. This man’s got skills

James Catchpole is a literary agent from Oxford and an amputee footballer with some incredible skills! He is also the founder of the Oxford City Amputees soccer team. You can contact him here: or friend him on Facebook

3. Team Ezra

Everyone we feature in our video is awesome. But the 10 year old Ezra Fech is extraordinarily awesome 😉 He thinks of himself as an athlete, not disabled. His motto is:

“Focus on What You Have Versus What You Don’t Have.”

Ezra misses over half of his left leg and has 3 fingers on his left hand. He loves sports, and his parents have always stimulated him to try any sports he’s interested in. You can see him climbing, playing basketball, do athleticism etc. His parents started the Team Ezra Organisation and have already raised over $400k for good causes. Ezra visits many schools and conferences, motivating people to achieve greatness and that it’s okay to different. 

Find out more about him here.

4. Flying Wheelchair

Aaron Fotheringham, aka"Wheelz", is one of the founders of the WCMX organisation and one hell of a daredevil.  He is a highly motivational wheelchair moto-cross athlete from Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Aaron has a passion for what he does, not only is it a lot of fun, but he wants to change the world’s perception of people in wheelchairs, as well as helping everyone see his/her own challenges in a new way. Aaron’s appeal is universal. You certainly do not have to be disabled to be inspired by what he is able to do.

5. Out on a limb

Adaptive skier Vasu Sojitra lost his right leg when he was nine months old to a blood infection, but that hasn’t stopped him from fearlessly venturing into the backcountry to summit peaks completely unassisted. 

"I do what I love, and I’m going to keep doing it no matter what," 

he says. T-Bar Film’s Out on a Limb profiles this remarkable self-taught athlete’s ability to adapt and overcome life’s obstacles.

Out on a limb Source: Vimeo

6. Blind skater

Meet Tommy Carroll. He has been skating since he was ten, but has been blind since the age of two. Thanks to protective gear he was able to learn incredible tricks. An amazing story that proofs you can be really brave when you are safe.

Brave Source: Vimeo – Eyeforce
Make an Impact

The School of Life

This awesome YouTube channel helps you to live a more fulfilling live, including how to improve yourself (and make those resolutions actually happen ;-)