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The relationship between YouTube star Ross Smith and his grandma is hilarious

2 min read

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Both grandma and grandson have so much fun together. Just as funny as it is sweet.

This lady doesn’t know the word ‘fear’

Ross Smith is one of YouTube’s top stars, sharing his life online. Nothing new about that. But here you see how much fun he has with his grandmother. She’s not afraid of anything, and has a fantastic sense of humor.

Incredibly cool relationship between Ross and his grandmother She's a pretty cool young old lady 😉 Source: Facebook Ross Smith

This obviously is one funny grandma. And there are many more  ‘senior’ citizens that prove that age is just a number. You too probably know people aged 20 that think like old people, and old people that think and act like they are for ever young. Who do you prefer to hang around with?

Age is just a numberSource: Facebook Brightvibes
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