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Plastic-Free Boy: Saving the ocean from Plastic!

Meet Arlian, the 12-year-old Australian turtle lover who educates kids all over the world on how to keep our oceans clean.

PLASTIC FREE BOY’s mission is to save turtles and other marine life from plastic trash

Twelve-year-old Australian Arlian Ecker is on a mission to save turtles and other marine life from plastic pollution. With his 22 min film ‘PLASTIC ALARM’, Arlian wants to educate children about the problems and solutions of plastic, empower them to make a change and unite them to co-create a waste free future together.

This 12-year-old is on a mission to rid our oceans of plastic Plastic Free Boy’s mission is to educate and inspire young people and children to empower themselves to create the future they want to live in. Plastic is a danger to the ocean and therefore to all of us. Arlian and his Mom have been collaborating with some pretty cool people who make the journey both fun and rewarding. Source: Facebook/BrightVibes

Plastic Alarm!

The ‘PLASTIC FREE BOY’ project began around 18 months ago when Arlian Ecker was at the beach with his mum and friend. They saw three sea turtles being released into the ocean. Arlian asked his mum: "Why are they not in the ocean already?"

It was then that they decided to tell the story of the turtles together, which turned into the Story of Plastic. Karin, Arlian’s mum, is a professional film maker. She has been the worker behind the campaign, producing the films, managing the website and social media accounts, and overseeing the campaign’s outreach.

Of "PLASTIC ALARM!", a 22 minute long film, Arlian says, “ I made a film with kids for kids in schools to educate them about the problems and solutions of plastic pollution. The story begins with the release of 3 sea turtles being released back into the ocean. I speak with children from different schools, countries, interview role model Dave Rastovich, environmental organisations and scientists. My film is aimed to have social and environmental Impact on a global Level. I want this film to empower kids in schools globally. Kids love it!”

Arlian continues, “This journey has been very rewarding work and we are committed to keep going with this cause because she helps me to get my voice out to other kids for them to get their voice heard for our future planet.”

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Karin, a professional film maker, and Arlian were on a trip to the beach with a friend when the idea for Plastic Free Boy came to them.
Arlian with mum Karin Karin, a professional film maker, and Arlian were on a trip to the beach with a friend when the idea for Plastic Free Boy came to them. Source:

This is about kids making a impact on a bigger level

Arlian’s commitment has extended to helping shoppers understand the importance of reducing the use of plastic and in particular single-use plastic bags by running an education stall outside Woolworths in Byron last year.

“This is so important for a better future of the kids,”  Arlian told EchoNet Daily. “If more plastic ends up in our streets and then in the ocean, by 2025 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish and that is very scary to me.”

“Arlian is asking the community to get behind his ‘kids for the future’ campaign that aims to educate and change the status quo of plastic,” said Karin. “This is about kids making a impact on a bigger level and asking their towns to change the way they use and recycle plastic.”

Avengers superhero actor Chris Hemsworth said,
Superheroes support each other Avengers superhero actor Chris Hemsworth said,”Well done Arlian for having the courage and passion to stand up and fight for something so important and I’d encourage you to continue to have the strength to keep pushing forward”. Source:

“You know what’s in schools? Kids! And the kids are the future of Planet Earth,” — “Kids will grow up and they’ll be owning factories and businesses, and they can make the right choice — like don’t use single-use plastic bags.” — Plastic Free Boy, Arlian Ecker. Source: Vimeo/PlasticFreeBoy

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12 year old Arlian, PLASTIC FREE BOY’s film PLASTIC ALARM empowers and unites kids around the world to protect the environment and their future from the consequences of plastic pollution in the ocean. The film has reached so far 1000’s of kids globally, creating social and environmental change in schools and communities. Find out more here.

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