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Viral video of baby babble “argument” is the perfect pick-me-up to put a smile on anyone’s face

Tiny tot Angelina debates her dinner choices with her mother, and the results are both adorable and hilarious.

Dinner debate between baby and her mom goes viral

It’s just short clip of a baby and her mum sitting at the table debating dinner. Mum is speaking to her daughter, Angelina, in Spanish, and Angelina responds in the universal language of baby babble.

A serious conversation This dinner debate in Spanish and baby babble is a cuteness overload. Source: Facebook/PauloHumberto

You don’t have to speak Spanish to enjoy every moment

We guess Angelina to be about 12 months old, but her hand gestures and voice inflection as she debates her dinner choices with her Mama make her seem much older, and the “argument” is both hilarious and adorable in equal measure.

From the way Angelina waves her hand and tilts her head, to smiling when she spots the camera, it’s a cuteness overload. Angelina’s mama talks to her daughter as if she understands everything being said and can respond in kind. 

Baby Angelina probably does understand much of it, but doesn’t yet have the verbal ability to reply in full, however her body language and intonation are very grown up, which makes for a hilarious "conversation."

Worldwide the clip is been viewed almost 9,000,000 times on Facebook.

Thank you, Angelina and Angelina’s Mama for sharing such a precious moment. It’s really brightened our day!

Source: Upworthy

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