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The homeless of Oakland are super grateful

Gregory Kloehn is an artist, plumber and construction contractor. Three years ago he decided to build a miniature house for his homeless neighbour, Sheila, and since then his ‘Homeless Homes Project‘ has provided over 35 shelters to the homeless of Oakland, California. 

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To Kloehn, society has pushed these people to the fringes of society, away from public gaze. "They’re not really seen. I don’t want to say as human but almost. I mean, they’re definitely [viewed] lower than second class citizens", he says in the video. 

Source: Gregory Kloehn
Source: Gregory Kloehn

We can all learn to be a bit more humble. As Kloehn says, the homeless people that he meets, despite their circumstances, don’t complain. Whether they’re soaking wet or freezing cold. Meanwhile people with homes, and jobs, and money, "are always bitching. They’re always complaining about something." 

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