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Bringing generations together: Here’s what happens when you put a kindergarten in a care home

For more than 25 years, Providence Mount St Vincent nursing home has been operating a daycare centre in their facility.

This pre-school nursery is actually inside an old people’s home

Pre-schoolers and older people being cared for together, while interacting together and teaching each other at the same time. Brilliant!

Never too old to play!Source: Facebook Brightvibes
Pensioner Playmates: youngster sing, colour and read with the older residents For more than a quarter of a century Providence Mount St Vincent has been operating the ILC (Inter-generational Learning Centre) – a nursing home that seeks to foster a sense of community among its approximately 400 residents through interactions with the youngsters in the facility's daycare. Source: Facebook/WorldEconomicForum

How does it work?

The Mount’s website explains that the children and residents come together in a variety of planned activities such as music, dancing, art, lunch, and storytelling.

The ILC offers children opportunities:

  • To learn about the normal ageing process;
  • To accept people with disabilities;
  • To be involved with people who are two or three generations apart;
  • To become part of an extended family;
  • To help them reduce their fear of older adults; and
  • To receive and give unconditional and unbounded love and attention.

In addition, residents and program participants benefit from:

  • Frequent interaction with children throughout their day;
  • Physical activity in playing with the children;
  • Opportunities to play, laugh and enjoy the spirit and joy that children bring to their home environment;
  • A renewed sense of self-worth;
  • An opportunity to transfer knowledge; and
  • The ability to serve as role models.

These activities result in mutual benefits for both generations.


The children break the cycle of loneliness and boredom common in care homes.
The staff wanted to create a home where people came to live not die: The children break the cycle of loneliness and boredom common in care homes. Source:

A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Intergenerational Activities at Shared Site Programs

These activities are targeted to young children and frail adults but many can be easily adapted or modified for use with other populations.

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