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Try not to smile while watching these kids teach elderly people about computers

Get ready to have your heart warmed as you try your best not to break into a smile while witnessing the endearing moments when a group of enthusiastic kids take on the task of teaching elderly individuals about the wonders of computers.

Never too young to make a difference

My grandma is terrified of computers. She refuses to learn how to save a document, will not connect to the internet, and, most adorably, calls Skype ‘Swipe’. It’s easy to imagine how daunting the whole world of computer technology can be to an older person, particularly when you’re on your own and have little support.

Brilliant win-win

Another great example of young & old working together comes from Brazil. The CNA Language Institute CNA has found the perfect solution (the ‘Speaking Exchange‘) with which they kill two birds with one stone.

They match young Brazilians students who want to practice their English with senior citizens in the US via video calling. Truly brilliant.

The Speaking Exchange Students learn to speak English properly, senior citizens have great contacts. Source: YouTube CNA Speaking Exhange

This article was first published on Oct 24, 2015

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