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This dad makes the coolest ever halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs

Source: BrightVibes

“My children are now seen as heroes rather than being viewed with pity.”

Ryan Weimer from the USA has five children,  three of whom are in wheelchairs. For years now he has been creating amazing halloween costumes for all his kids, putting a lot of time and effort into adapting his children’s wheelchairs into awesome contraptions. 

"My children are now seen as heroes rather than being viewed with pity," he says. 

Magic Wheelchair gives kids with a disability an awesome HalloweenSource: Facebook BrightVibes

After his kid’s costumes became so popular, Ryan set up a nonprofit organization Magic Wheelchair to help other children with disabilities to have amazing halloweens also.

Now, they build costumes that celebrate each child’s uniqueness and their personality!

Source: Magic Wheelchair
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