How to deal with negative comments

Reading online comments can be very depressing. Find out how to kick negative comments’ ass 😉

The internet is a great invention. Until you start reading comments, which can be pretty depressing, right? We came up with 5 suggestions to help you deal better with this negativity. Watch the video below, or continue reading.

5 ways to deal help you deal with negative commentsSource: Facebook BrightVibes

1. Focus on positive contributors

Complainers always focus on the negative, and we hate that right? But if we pay a lot of attention to negative comments, don’t we do the same as the haters do? Focus on the people that support your views, or that really have something insightful to add. And don’t let the negative ones get under your skin. 

Somehow we tend to focus on the negative Source: The Oatmeal

2. Fight fire with water

Never, ever get down to the low level of the haters, as you then simply become one of them. If you chose to engage with them in the hopes to change their opinions, show an interest. Be kind, or at least polite. 

This is an awesome example of how someone who got a death wish, engaged with his online hater and ended up having a decent conversation, based on the fears they both shared. 

Don't be tempted to lower yourself to the low level of online haters.
Fighting fire with water Don’t be tempted to lower yourself to the low level of online haters. Source: BrightVibes

3. Negative is not necessaribly bad

Ying Yang, no gain without pain, no cold without hot… so maybe, just maybe, someone with a negative remark may be serving a purpose, right? It might actually add something to the discussion. 

No parachutes without pessimists Source: BrightVibes

4. They’re only human

When online haters get confronted with their disrespectful behaviour in real life, they often don’t turn out to be the bad asses they become when they sit alone at home behind their key boards, and let themselves go. They generally are not as bad, as they appear to be online. 

5. Just STOP it

If negative comments upset you, unfortunately you can’t unread them. So… in stead of torturing yourself by continuing to read comments, just quit. There’s no shame in that.

And remember, no one on his deadbed has ever said:

"I wish I had spent more time reading online comments"

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