Mine Kafon Sweeps the Nation as it rids the Land of Mines

This minesweeper looks like a giant tumbleweed, but gets the job done perfectly!

Assoud Hassani designed this minesweeper to rid Aghanistan and the world of its many, many mines.

Source: Mine Kafon

Assoud was born in Afghanistan and moved tot he Netherlands in 1998 at the age of 15. Back in Kabul, he would make all sorts of toys and worked as a car mechanic.

When he got to the Netherlands and discovered he could study product design, he enrolled at the Design Academy Eindhoven as soon as he could.

Source: Flickr

Mine Kafon

Massoud designed and built a wind-powered metal ball with bamboo legs. It’s roughly the size of an adult man and heavy enough to trip mines as it rolls over them.

At the end of the bamboo legs are plastic ‘feet’ that do the tripping. With each detonation his design, Mine Kafon, loses about one or two legs and can thus destroy three of four landmines in one journey

Source: Flickr

Cheap and Easy Sollution

It takes about forty to sixty U.S. dollars to create Mine Kafon, making it a much cheaper alternative to other minesweeping devices.

Afghanistan has approximately 10 million landmines left and Massoud hopes his design will inspire others to join the effort to clear the entire planet of landmines.

His goal is to have a mine free earth within a decade!


Get truly active by making your own minesweeper. You can find which materials to use and how to do it on this website.

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