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This awesome Car Wash employs individuals with autism for 80% of its staff

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Source: Facebook/RisingTideCarWash

Rising Tide Car Wash employs individuals with autism for 80% of their staff, rigorously training their whole team and empowering everyone to reach their fullest potential.

Inspiring communities to change their perception of the capabilities of people with autism

Florida-based Rising Tide Car Wash is a scalable social enterprise with the primary mission to employ adults with autism. By delivering a first-rate car wash experience to the consumer, Rising Tide strives to inspire communities to change their perception of the capabilities of people with autism. Through intensive training, team building and caring for the community, Rising Tide sets its employees up for success. With this model, Rising Tide has a goal to provide people with autism with an opportunity to build a career and achieve an independent lifestyle.

This car wash hires people with autism With 35 of it’s 43 employees on the autism spectrum at one branch, that’s around 80% of Rising Tide’s staff. Training involves the whole team and empowers everyone to reach their fullest potential. Source: Facebook/60SecDocs


With two locations in south Florida, Rising Tide Car Wash say they are on a mission to provide the highest quality car wash experience in America. They do this by employing the best people, empowering them to do great work and using the cutting edge equipment and chemistry to clean vehicles.

They add that their culture embodies the highest standards in the industry, and that they offer elite training to their whole team and designed both their locations with industry leading technology.


“We are proud to provide you with expert service by industry professionals with autism and inspiring community change by encouraging other businesses to do the same.”

Rising Tide was founded by a family affected by autism in an effort to empower individuals with this diversity by giving them the tools to be elite car wash professionals.

  • One of the largest employers of people with autism in the U.S.
  • Helping our associates with autism realize their incredible capabilities
  • Helping our associates be confident, make friends, gain financial independence
  • Inspiring communities to change their perception of the capabilities that people with autism have

Rising Tide is a scalable “conveyorized” car wash dedicated to the empowerment of individuals with autism. In keeping with the two current locations, each Rising Tide location in future will have high exposure in the community and provide employment for people with autism through easy to learn, process driven labour. 

The company foresee Rising Tide having strong enough profitability to support a community of people with autism through living wages, career advancement opportunities and independent living skills and self-advocacy training.


“Our Parkland car wash is changing lives and delighting customers!” “Our 35 employees with autism are well trained and enthusiastic about providing great service to customers. Just see for yourself!” Source: Facebook/RisingTideCarWash


On their website, Rising Tide have this to say about employing people with autism.

We recognise that no solution can meet the needs of every person with autism. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping create ecosystems of opportunity for this untapped talent pool.

Rising Tide is currently working on some collaborations to help provide resources to other businesses who are interested in employing people with autism. As we develop these resources, please follow the link below to the best online information source we know of for employing people with disabilites; the Think Beyond the Label campiagn.

The best way for any person passionate about autism employment to affect change is by “voting with their wallet”. By working with companies that employ individuals with autism you’re helping to make the business case for the employment of this untapped talent pool. 

Click to find out more about supporting autism employment and for a list of some other great organisations that are dedicated to empowering people with autism through employment.


Make an Impact

Think Beyond the Label: diversifying the workforce

Think Beyond the Label is a public-private network that works to increase employment for qualified job seekers with disabilities. One out of five Americans has a disability, but employers still struggle with finding candidates. TBTL showcases companies’ investments in diversifying their workforce – and the success stories that come with that. The message is simple: labels get in the way, disabilities rarely do.