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These timelapses will make you appreciate what it is to be alive

From 0 to 16 years in 4.5 minutes. And 4 other breathtaking time-lapses.

From 0 to 16 years in 4 1/2 minute

The Dutch Frans Hofmeester has been filming his kids Lotte and Vince for 15 seconds per week since they were born.  He then turned these short videos into a beautiful timelapse. The video below was Lotte’s 16th birthday present. 

Hofmeester’s timelapses have been viewed over 30 million times. Underneath is another great timelapse of his 11 year old son Vince.

Vince from 0 to 11 yearsSource: Youtube Molenaar

From girl to man – 1400 photos in 3 years

Jamie Raines was never comfortable in her own skin. After three years of testosterone hormone treatment he has published the time-lapse below for which he used 1,400 pictures, made over during the three years.

From girl to man in 3 years Source: Youtube - Bored Panda

4.500 kilometres by foot in China

In 2007 the German Christoph Rehage walked over 4,500 kilometres through China. His initial idea was to walk from China to Germany but he had a change of plan. He published several videos and books of his travel adventures. 

The longest road Watch the transformation whilst Christoph crosses China Source: Vimeo Christoph Rehage

Transformation of homeless war veteran

In this video you see the transformation of Jim Wolf, an American war veteran. Thanks to the Dégagé Ministries Foundation he has overcome his alcohol addiction and lives on his own. This video shows what a difference appearences make in the way we look at people. 

War veteran's Jim Wolf tranformation Source: Youtube

Time flies

I love each of these videos. And they are illustrative for the spirit of our age, showing us in a moment how time passes by with lightning speed, that change is the only constant and that so much is possible. 

Time flies so let’s live it to the fullest!


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