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Step daughter gets the best birthday present ever

After pursuing the court system for five years, Haley receives the best birthday gift ever.

A very special birthday present

Hailey Fries’s birthday was probably her most special birthday. After a 5 year-long pursuit of permanent custody, Bridgitte Fries, finally got permanent custody over her daughter. On her birthday, Bridgitte revealed the life-changing news to Hailey by gifting her birth certificate, and asking her if she could read the backside. While reading the judge’s statement over the custody, Hailey realised that she’d been adopted. Watch how Hailey reacted

Little Girl Finds out She Is Being Adopted on Her BirthdaySource: Facebook / Lightworkersofficial

A long journey

"We had been pursuing the court system for 5 years to gain permanent custody after a long journey I filed for adoption and one year later it was approved. The Judge put in capital letters that it was in Haley’s best interest to be adopted by me her Step-Mom or like she called me Super Mom. This is the second time I have been blessed with an adoption. I am a mother of two amazing girls and couldn’t be prouder of them both.", wrote her mother when she shared this special moment on Youtube.

Top ten tips for adopters by the adopted

Through a series of participation groups young adopted people – The Adoptables – have been exchanging their views and experiences in order to help future adopters and professionals dealing with adopted children and young adults. During initial workshops, the adoptables devised a list of top 10 tips they wanted to pass on to adopters to help them make a positive difference in adoptive family life.

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