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Spectacular Rescue by Malian immigrant who saves a dangling toddler by scaling up 4 storeys in Paris

The Malian immigrant Mamadou Gassama saved the child’s life by scaling up four floors in 30 seconds.

Heroic act of real life spiderman climbing 4 storeys to save a toddler

In the video below you can witness how Mamadou Gassama heroically saved the life of a four year old toddler in Paris who was dangling from a balcony, four storeys high.  

‘Spider-Man,’ a Migrant in Paris, Scales Building to Save a ChildSource: Facebook / BrightVibes

From undocumented migrant to meeting President Macron

When the French President Macron heard of Mamadou Gassama heroic act, he invited him over for a face-to-face meeting. 

Mamadou left his home country Mali came to France a few months ago. When he was on his way with his girl friend to watch the Champions League final, he heard people shouting. When he saw the four year old toddler dangling from the balcony on the fourth floor, he did not think twice. Within 30 seconds he climbed to the fourth floor of the building and was able to bring the child into safety. 

I felt afraid when I saved the child,” he said, according to French news reports. “I started to shake, I could hardly stand up. I had to sit down.”

Mamadou had yearned to secure the requisite documentation to live legally in France, and his dream came true.

The French President Emmanuel Macron invited Mamadou on Monday and will be rewarded for his "exceptional act" with papers to legalise his stay in France, citizenship if he wants, and a job as a firefighter.

The father of the child was detained for alleged parental neglect, and is to appear in court in September. He left the child alone while he shopped. Prosecutor Francois Molins told BFM-TV. The whereabouts of the child’s mother were unclear.

Source: New York Times

Other migrant heroes

Of course Mamadou is not the first refugee or undocumented migrant that made the news by committing a heroic act.  Another Malien, Lassana Bathily, was given French citizenship in January 2015, shortly after he saved lives by hiding people in a freezer and alerting police during a terror attack on a Jewish grocery where he worked (source: CBS News).

And we met the wonderful and courageous Syrian refugee Mohsen Alwais who has been living in the Netherlands. When it was freezing cold, other bystanders were not as heroic as Mohsen, who jumped into the freezing water when he witnessed a man who was about to drown in an Amsterdam canal. 

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