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Sleeveface: People Blending Themselves in with Vinyl Record Sleeves Makes You Look Twice

Source: Amanda Lofink/Sleeveface

The ongoing online phenomenon of ‘Sleeveface’ is one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with a record sleeve or sleeves, thereby causing an illusion.

21 Sleeveface images for 2021

Over the years, the funny phenomenon of Sleeveface has become hugely popular, inspiring many people to try their hand at it in an effort to produce the most convincing visual effect possible.

The best part about Sleeveface is seeing how creative people get with this project. Besides choosing the basics of which album cover to use, what clothes to wear, and how to position your body, there are an endless number of creative possibilities to make your image really stand out. 

Many people incorporate props, use multiple albums covers, or even show some skin to try to create the funniest and most seamless picture they can. The result is a terrific, ongoing project that allows anyone to adopt different identities, play with optical illusions, and unleash their creativity. 

This is a small selection of just 21, so we suggest you check out the website for hundreds more clever and funny Sleeveface images, or follow Sleeveface on Twitter.

Source: MyModernMet

1. Boz Scaggs Source: Flickr/Aaron Twa
2. Michael Jackson Source: Mark Galloway/Sleeveface
3. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Source: Quint Kik/Eric Walet/Sleeveface
4. The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra. Source: Robert Brodén/Sleeveface
5. Bessie Smith. Source: Kyle Miller/Sleeveface
6. Nana Mouskouri. Source: Christophe Gowans/Sleeveface
7. Frank Sinatra, Doris Day & Dean Martin. Source: Amanda Lofink/Sleeveface
8. Ted Nugent. Source: William Petrovic/Sleeveface
9. The King. Source: William Petrovic/Sleeveface
10. Elvis Presley (again). Source: Till Hogrefe/Tanja Brinker/Sleeveface
11. Kenny Rogers. Source: Robbi Humble and Jon/Sleeveface
12. Kenneth McKellar. Source: Leah Mouritsen/Sleeveface
13. Bob Dylan. Source: William Petrovic/Sleeveface
14. The Norrie Paramor Orchestra. Source: Peter Rockwell/Sleeveface
15. Iggy Pop. Source: Bas Kocken/Pascal Tieman/Sleeveface
16. Sweet Pea Atkinson, Gil Scott Heron, Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, Thelonius Monk. Source: Flickr/Christophe Gowans
17. Freddie Mercury. Source: Johan & Elien Copermans/Sleeveface
18. Richard Clayderman. Source: Flickr/Christophe Gowans
19. Madonna. Source: Gretchen Avery, Susannah Cleveland and Liz Tousey/Sleeveface
20. Tom Jones. Source: Gretchen Avery, Susannah Cleveland and Liz Tousey/Sleeveface
21. Bob Marley. Source: myjukeboxsound/Sleeveface
Make an Impact


An instructional video with everything you need to get started on your own Sleeveface. Director: Ewan Jones Morris|Voiceover: Huw Stephens|Music: Truckers of Husk|Audio Recording: Andy Davidson|Featuring: Iain Peebles, Paul Barnett, Leah Roberts, Kate Speiss, John Rostron, Carl Morris, Judith Meijer, Carl Rylatt.