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Photographer captures bizarre and amusing moments on Hong Kong streets

Source: Instagram/edaswong

“Imagination is everything,” to street photographer Edas Wong, whose surreal and sometimes mischievous images make you stop and look… and smile.


Hong Kong-based photographer Edas Wong describes himself as a daydreamer who loves imagination, and street photography is an excellent medium for him to express his whimsy. Street Photography magazine described his work as — ‘fascinating, slightly strange, a little off-the-wall, intriguing, and, sometimes, all of these rolled into one. He is a hunter, stalking his subjects, waiting with the patience and determination of a hungry wolf. Always ready to capture the unusual, near surreal moments of everyday life, with an eye for unique patterns and those hard-to-find, extraordinary shots in a constantly moving, often mundane, landscape.’ — Below, we selected ten odd and amusing “Wait… what?” images from Wong’s substantial portfolio.

Let’s Dance! Source: Instagram/edaswong
Don’t you hate it when your stockings get ladders? Source: Instagram/edaswong
Taking a dip? Source: Instagram/edaswong
HADUKEN! Source: Instagram/edaswong
The King of Good Timing Source: Instagram/edaswong
Emergency Exit Source: Instagram/edaswong
Whuh…? Source:
BIG hair! Source: Instagram/edaswong
What have you spotted, George? Source: Instagram/edaswong
Anime hair day. Source: Instagram/edaswong

Want more of Ed’s work?

Check out the photo gallery of Ed’s website. Then head to his Instagram for even more imagination, or find him on Flickr.

Make an Impact


Many photographers are timid about “shooting strangers” on the street which keeps them from even trying. Street photography is all about telling a story in a single frame and that’s a beautiful thing.  It’s normal to be reluctant or shy, but these 12 steps will gently ease you into the wonderful world of street photography that exists in your hometown or anywhere else your travels take you. There are lots of stories out there waiting to be told.  Get your camera and let’s go!