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People Form A Human Chain To Save Dog

Fortunately the world is full of nice people. And if you can’t find one, be one.

Real heroes

It all starts when one man sees a dog that is in danger of drowning in a fast running river. He doesn’t hesitate and jumps in the water. However, it soon become clear he will never be able to save the dogs life on his own.

When people see how this one man is struggling, the passers-by act together as one so the dogs life can be saved. 

It is inspiring to see how one man cares about this dogs life, but what’s really heartening is to see how complete strangers spontaneously work together to perform a true act-of-kindness.

And the great news is, that this happens far more than we all think. In the video below from our friends at We Love Animals, you see a couple of amazing people helping trapped animals. 

As most media focus on negative news and incidents, we all end up thinking that there is little humanity anymore. What these real life stories show, is that fortunately, there are so many more great people out there then we think.

Awesome people saving trapped animals Imagine a world where everyone treats animals with this much love! Source: Facebook We Love Animals

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