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Superhuman Superheroes! Parkour school for children with special needs

The Superhuman Academy runs a parkour program tailored for children with different and special needs.

Parkour skills learned are transferable to other areas of life

Parkour is an amazing activity for anyone who struggles with coordination, body awareness, self-confidence, spatial awareness, and participation in traditional sports and activities. Parkour combines fundamental movements so that the participant can fall safely, move through varying environments successfully, maneuver different obstacles easily, and transfer these skills to every other area of their life. – Natalie McKechnie, OTR/L, KIoC

The Parkour school in Boulder, Colorado, say they utilise parkour as a medium for instilling confidence, creating friendships, and having fun! Source: BrightVibes/YouTube

The Superhuman Movement

With 11 years of parkour training and instructing experience, plus competitions and travels around the globe, founder, Nicholas Zaleski, and owner, Adam LaPlantehave acquired between them a well-rounded sense of what truly matters: Student safety… which is their number one concern. They are dedicated to educating and inspiring through the love of movement, and strive to see students reach and surpass any goals in mind. 

They say they utilise an approach that fosters creativity, perseverance, and safety, and that they educate and inspire their students to become confident and responsible, in the gym and the community.

The classes are seasonal with each session lasting 4-8 weeks, and students move through the program alongside their parents before joining the transition class. Upon completion of the transition class, students can choose to stay or move into one of the weekday programs. Every class is taught by two coaches.

All the personal messages of positive feedback from parents on their Facebook reviews are a testimony to quality of the coaches and program. Hear from the founders and some of the parents in the clip below. 

Sources: fb/ Main photo: fb/shmovement

OVERCOME: The Special Needs Youth Parkour Program Co-owners Nicholas Zaleski and Adam LaPlante speak about their motivation and the benefits of parkour for the able-bodied and those with different challenges and abilities alike. Source: Youtube/TheGoodPanda

Want to try the benefits of parkour yourself?

Meet up with other local Parkour Enthusiasts. Gather for discussion, to plan practice sessions, and to learn more about this form of "urban gymnastics," also known as Free-running, emphasising speed, flow, and grace. This resource can put you in touch with a group near you.

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