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Notice & Takedown Statement

All information on the BrightVibes website is carefully compiled and maintained.

Notice & Takedown Notice

All information on the BrightVibes website is carefully compiled and maintained. If you still find material that you believe violates your rights or that you think is otherwise unlawful, you can submit a request to the editors of BrightVibes to remove this information from the website.

To take your request under consideration, please send an e-mail to BrightVibes strives to handle your request within five business days. A request containing incomplete information will not be considered.

Infringing Content

To be able to handle your complaint, your request should be specified as follows:

  • Where did you find the information;
  • Motivation for your request;
  • Name of the content owner.

Supporting documents

To evaluate your request, we ask you to add the below listed documents as an attachment to your request:

  • Evidence that the above-mentioned person holds the relevant intellectual property rights;
  • Prove that there is an infringement of your rights, or rights of a person that has authorised you to act on behalf of him / her.

In the e-mail you request BrightVibes to remove the above mentioned information from the website. In addition, you agree:

– you are the rightful claimant to the aforementioned information, or to be authorised by the rightful claimant to act for him / her;

– you have provided complete and truthful information.

If BrightVibes considers the requested information well-founded, we will the requested information from our website. The removal of this information does not imply any admission of liability on BrightVibes nor admits to unlawful acts.