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No track suit, but a trash suit: Rob Greenfield wears all his trash of 30 days

Rob Greenfield, activist for a more caring and sustainable planet, wore all the trash he created for one month. He ended up wearing a 30+ kilo’s trash suit. A wake-up call for him and the people he came across.


Moment of self-reflection

The average American throws away more than two kilos of trash.. every day. That equals almost a ton of trash per year. And most people don’t even think about the waste they create. Rob: “For most of us trash is out of sight, out of mind. We just throw it in the garbage can and never think about it again.” That made him think of a plan to create trash awareness. For one month he put all the waste he created in see-through, plastic bags and went out on the streets of Los Angeles.

Doing groceries, shopping, having dinner, he did it all, walking around in his trash suit. People he came across stopped him and talked to him. They took a moment to self-reflect. Rob shows the world the truth behind our way of living. “68 pounds of trash and I’m really starting to feel the weight and the burden of consumerism. And you can really see it.”

“So many people have taken this wakeup call to question our consumer habits and to question capitalism and to ask: is there another way?” – Rob Greenfield


Rob’s eco activism

We are driven by the urge to consume but don’t think of its consequences. Not only by wearing his trash suit, Rob also tries to make people think of how consumerism leads us in how we live. “And yes, there absolutely is another way”, he states. Previous actions of his were as eye-catching as the last one. He lived in an only 5m2tiny house and he also traveled for several years, only with a bike and his backpack. And for one year, Rob only ate what he gardened, fished and foraged himself. Check out this BrightVibes article about this experience.

14 bits of plastic you can quit today

Plastic pollution is destroying our planet and perhaps you feel powerless to do something about it, right? Wrong!!! Of course, companies and governments have to do way more. But we as consumers can do better too. Here are 14 bits of plastic you can quit right now.

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