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He lives like he spends $86,400 per day. But then different. Better.

This 60s video will help you make the most of each and every day.

Elvis de Leon from New York makes you look differently at how you spend your time. If you follow his advise, it will help you massively to make the most of each moment.

It’s no only about the contents of his message, it’s also how he tells it. 

Little detail; he mentions 84,600 seconds in the video but 24*60*60 = 86,400. But who cares ;-

Make something positive Elvis de Leon's mother was murdered when he was 16, but fortunately Leon has grown into a great guy who works as a visual designer. Source: YouTube Harlem Elvis

Make something positive.

We all know that making conscious decisions all the time is impossible (and boring I guess). But I do watch Leon’s video regularly and it does the trick for me. I guess it helps to know that he is the ‘living proof’ of his advise. 

Underneath the transcript for the fan boys & girls. 

I think if we have a lot more leadership – out in the hood, in the ghetto for the kids. It would be so much easier to go into something positive then go into something negative.

You get 86,400 seconds a day. Imagine if you wake up with $86,400 in your bank account. And every day – at the end of the night – it’s gone. Whether you wasted it or not. And then the next day you get another $86,400. You would do everything in your power to spend it. Because you know you’re getting another $86,400 the next day. You don’t want to leave nothing there, you want to make the best of it, right?

You get 86,400 seconds. Why waste time? It doesn’t carry over to the next day. It doesn’t earn interest. You know, take every day and every moment and make something of it. Make something positive. Live inspired.   

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