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Better Society
Source: BrightVibes

When people refuse to respond to hate with hate but with love, this beautiful campaign is what happens.

After atragic shooting in a church in Charleston where a white shooter took the livesof nine black people, Alana, grandchild of one of the victims, responded in avery special way to the tragedy.

Instead ofgetting angry and fight hate with hate, she chose to honor her grandfather’slegacy. She decided to respond with positivity and love as to not give any strengthto the shooter, who wanted to ignite a race war with his act.

Source: The News Tribune

She started the social media challenge #HateWontWin to make it clear that the heinous acts won’thave the intended effect and won’t elicit hate, but unity. The campaign’s symbol is a white and dark hand who join together to form a heart to symbolize that we can’t be divided, but stand strong together.

Source: Blogspot

Alana got to president Obama and informed him of the campaign and he boosted it by tweeting about it with the hashtag HateWontWin.

Source: Pinterest

Alana concludes the video with the powerful words:

“Although my grandfather and these other victims died at the hands of hate, they lived inlove and they preached love. So their legacy will be love and so Hate Wont Win."

Source: Smlutheran
Make an Impact

Support Hate Won't Win

To support this positive campaign, go to their website and purchase a t-shirt with the slogan and the symbol. To support in a different way, send a tweet with the hashtag HateWontWin or retweet one of the tweets.