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Grandad becomes friends with the mice in his garden and builds them houses

2 min read

Flora & Fauna

Gez Robinson (61) from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, found out there are mice families living in his garden and… he became friends with them. He warmed the hearts of many making cute videos of his animal friends and putting them on his social media, where he gained thousands of followers.

Gez Robinson, grandfather of three, is a wildlife photographer who discovered mice families in his garden and became friends with them.

Gez is a wildlife photographer and wanted to take pictures in his own garden. There he found the two families of mice. As a gesture to the little creatures, he built them tiny houses from nest boxes. He also built a pub for them to have a pint and a lemonade stand as a revenue model 😉

“I’m sure you’re gonna get some customers soon. Absolutely brilliant.”

The two families are named ‘the honeysuckle family’ and ‘the bramble family’. Each day Gez spends 4-5 hours with the mice, live-streaming them. He hand-feeds the animals flowers and fruits and takes the cutest pictures of them.

The mouse families live next to the bramble.
Just like their friend Gez, the mice are also getting creative.

This BrightVibes article on photographer Julian Radd might be something for you. He took 30 funny pictures of the cutest squirrels 🙂

Make an Impact

Watching cute animal videos is good for you

Gez warmed the hearts of thousands with the videos of his tiny friends. And apparently several studies have hinted at the benefits of viewing pictures of cute animals, and these benefits might actually be more far-reaching than one would think. Check this other BrightVibes article to find out.

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