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Genius developer creates free solution for the disabled to use a computer

Until now these solutions were inferior or very expensive. And he doesn’t want to earn a penny on it.

For most of us swiping and clicking is our second nature. But that’s completely different for people with severe disabilities. This group is was dependent on highly expensive eye-tracking solutions.

OptiKey explained Julias demonstrates OptiKey and explains why he does it for free. Source: Buzzfeed Blue

32 year old Julias Sweetland is changing this. With OptiKey he has developed a superior, low cost solution which only requires an eye-tracking device and a PC with Windows 10. 

With his solution, people that suffer from Motor Neurone Disease, for example, can continue to communicate with their loved ones via their PC, using nothing but their eyes. They can use the mouse and the keyboard ‘with the blink of an eye’ and ‘talk’ to others via text-to-speech. 

Open source

He does not want to make a penny developing OptiKey. The software is freely available on Github and he can always do with other people’s help.

What a fantastic example of ‘Technology for Good’!


Demo OptiKey Watch a 2 minute demonstration of OptiKey. Source: None
Make an Impact

Financially support Julian

Support Julian financially so he can dedicate at least one week a month to improve his solution.