Towers Of London are back – this time with heart

British rock band Towers Of London celebrate the release of their comeback single, Shot In The Dark, with a video exclusive to BrightVibes.

This band is proving that your past doesn't define you An interview with Donny Tourette Source: BrightVibes

At the top

Ten years ago, English rock band Towers Of London were tearing up the music scene and causing controversy wherever they went.

They toured with Guns N’ Roses and had their own TV show, but the highs were tainted by incredible lows – the band were banned from the Download Festival, got into fights with everyone, including My Chemical Romance, and lead singer Donny Tourette made several shambolic TV appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Celebrity Big Brother.

“We were a bit young,” says Donny. “Things went out of control a bit quick.

“We weren’t necessarily in the best state of mind to deal with it at the time.

“It kind of went on a rollercoaster ride, which went up and essentially ended right down at the bottom.”

The London rock band are making a comeback
Towers Of London The London rock band are making a comeback Source: Towers Of London

Rock bottom

After fading from the public eye in 2009, the band have been through some tough times.  

“We’ve all been on some personal journeys where we’ve had to learn some real lessons and what’s important to us guys in life,” says Donny.  

“When you’ve ridden relatively high, to suddenly fall back down to Earth and have nothing, it’s a fall from grace but, ultimately, one that teaches you some good lessons and stood us in good stead for where we are now.

“My mum had just been through a year and a half battle with cancer and had just died, just about a month before we wrote this song,” explains Donny.

“Bassist Tommy [was] having a hard time back at his folks’, too, and we just poured all of that emotion and feeling into some positivity, to try and make something good out of it.

“I think you can hear there’s a heart within the band and you can hear that within Shot In The Dark,” he adds.

Shot In The Dark is the first song to come out of that difficult period in the band’s lives, and signals Towers Of London’s return to the music scene.


After a serendipitous meeting with BrightVibes co-founder Pasa Mustafa, the idea to release the single through BrightVibes came about.

Donny and Pasa in LA
Chance meeting Donny and Pasa in LA Source: Pasa Mustafa

‘Stars aligned’

“The universe worked its magic when it came to meeting the guys from BrightVibes,” explains Donny.

“We were all out in LA, we’d just recorded the album and we got together, we got talking, it was completely unrelated.

“Pasa showed me BrightVibes and I fell in love with that, he fell in love with the song and the stars aligned and here we are. The rest is history.”

“We filmed a video with BrightVibes. It’s inspirational, it’s supposed to be motivational. It’s supposed to inspire everyone to do what they want to do.

“Have a bit of belief in yourselves and others, hopefully bringing the world a bit closer together in a positive way.”

Shot In The Dark The new Towers Of London video, exclusive to BrightVibes Source: BrightVibes

‘Just take a shot in the dark’

The positive message behind Shot In The Dark, which is about picking yourself up from hard times and moving forward, resonated with what BrightVibes is all about.

“The motto of the song is that, no matter where you are, or what position you’re in, you can always pick yourself up.

“What are you going to do? Walk away and give up on the fight? Or are you going to come back and give it another go?

“It’s a long life not to follow your dreams.

“Just take a shot in the dark and you never know what can happen.”

Pasa with Towers Of London on set
Shooting the video Pasa with Towers Of London on set Source: BrightVibes

‘Share the love’ - Take a Shot in The Dark

“The video for Shot In The Dark is all about people coming together,” says Donny. “So if you like it, comment and share the love.”

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