Everybody Love Everybody: inspiring positivity

Chris Bailey’s simple message about love inspires thousands. And it’s more relevant today than ever.

Everybody Love Everybody

After a shooting, Chris Bailey posted a simple message on his Facebook wall: Everybody Love Everybody. The first response was “that’s impossible.”  Defeated, Bailey deleted his Facebook but didn’t give up. He made a sign with the posted message on it and went to the crime scene with it. The positive reactions and the consequences of his action started an entire movement.

Everybody Love Everybody #ELE v Everybody Love Everybody, the wonderful initiative by Chris Bailey's to make the world a better place #ELE Source: Facebook BrightVibes

Shootings occur almost every day in the United States, and one occurred on July seventh in Dallas, Texas. It cost the lives of five cops. Chris Bailey felt powerless and this feeling was only strengthened after the negative reactions to his positive post. He felt so defeated he deleted his Facebook.

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Only positivity

Fortunately, he didn’t give up and wrote Everybody Love Everybody on a sign which he took downtown to the crime scene. In the two hours he was standing there, he received countless positive reactions such as high fives, hugs, thumbs ups and smiles. No negative reactions whatsoever.

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In the time he stood there, he was photographed several times and interviewed by different newsoutlets, from Dallas to DC to Spain! His message seemed to resound with people and inspire them and Chris decided he wanted to do more.  

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Spread the love

Chris made a new Facebook page to be able to spread te love even more.

 So, why did I decide to go ahead and share? I wanted to do the OPPOSITE of hate. Get out and spread the love. It will change your life. 
I love everyone of you guys!
Turns out….My picture was taken by LOTS of people and went worldwide on the AP.
NOW…My goal is to have everyone make their own sign AND GET OUTAND BE SEEN. Take pics and post them here. SPREAD THE LOVE!!!

And they do. Countless of people have gone out into the street with signs that say Everybody Loves Everybody.

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But it didn’t stop there. People live by his message and post the experiences they’ve had with this positive attitude.

It proves once again that a single person can have a great impact.

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