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Dutch TuTu Foundation helps incurably ill parents to make tangible memories

Evert Muis from the Netherlands was a dad on a mission. He had a beautiful family and… metastatic cancer. Because of his incurable illness, he experienced how important it is to make tangible and lasting memories with and for his children. His last wish was to help other families with an incurably ill parent make memories. His wish became reality with the TuTu Foundation.

“My kids aren’t going to actively remember me, but I’m making sure I’ve done everything I can to make sure they will and be proud of daddy.”

Evert poseert met zijn dochter in roze tutu's. Source: Stichting TuTu

Evert took a picture with his children in pink tutus to create a tangible memory. The photo of him and his daughter in tutu went viral on social media and Evert received many messages from people who were going through the same. That is why he decided to set up the TuTu Foundation. After Evert’s death, the foundation continues to exist thanks to the efforts of his wife and a team of committed volunteers. The TuTu Foundation now makes wishes of families in the Netherlands come true on a daily basis. She links wishing families to organisations and initiatives and helps to fulfill tailor-made wishes.

The TuTu Foundation works together with a number of permanent partners. Those are some Dutch projects, such as Knuffelmakers (makes cuddly toys based on portrait photos), Stichting Komma (video portraits) and Lifeafterme (for a digital legacy).

If you are incurably ill or you know a family with an incurably ill parent, you can register your family for a wishing day organised by the TuTu Foundation. Create a tangible, lasting memory for later. Because later is now.

Het gezin van Evert maakte een blijvende herinnering voor de kinderen. Source: Stichting TuTu

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Do you have a company and do you want to support the TuTu Foundation financially or in another way, that is possible! Gifts, ideas and other forms of support or cooperation are always welcome. Visit the website for more information.

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