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Do what you can’t!

In spite of being told at every turn “You can’t,” Casey Neistat went on to become a YouTube personality, filmmaker, blogger, and co-founder of the social media company Beme. His latest inspirational video carries an important message for all of us: “DO WHAT YOU CAN’T!”

“You can’t do that” is the most powerful motivational speech you’ll ever hear

In the 21st century, who is to say who can and can’t do what? It is quite clear from the many internet sensations that have sprung up in recent years, that predicting what will be embraced by the public is a task beyond our means. Anyway, the bottom line is this: you don’t need anybody’s permission to shine!

Main photo: Twitter/CaseyNeistat

“You don’t need gear… you don’t need some big, expensive camera rig.” Casey Neistat’s latest YouTube video is an outpouring of love to fellow YouTubers – a collaboration with dozens of other internet influencers, vloggers, content creators, and his new partners, the tech giant Samsung. Source: Youtube/CaseyNeistat

No other daily blogger can compete with Casey Neistat

‘If you already do know of Casey Neistat, you probably first heard his name because of "The Neistat Brothers," his HBO series produced by him and his brother, or because of his multiple viral videos, like “iPod’s Dirty Secret." All of these successes are what gave Casey that initial fan base that is now incredibly devoted to him, which explains his 2 million plus subscribers on YouTube. His fan base has grown to an incredible amount, even in just the past few months alone; so much so that most of his videos receive over a million views – and that’s a lot even for someone with a huge following’ – reports Emily Ciabatta for The OdessyOnline

The article continues ‘There are a few key components in Casey’s daily blogs that make his videos different from the next daily blogger’s. First and foremost, nothing beats his time lapses. As a resident of New York City, Casey is able to get some of the most beautiful time lapses of some of the coolest scenery in the world. New York is a huge element of Casey’s high quality blogs because he’s always doing something unique, which he of course captures on camera.’

The article concludes ‘You would think that his videos would lose effect since they are daily videos, but he manages to upload something intriguing every single day.’

This is why it’s so hard to compete with Neistat’s stats. Fresh, entertaining and uplifting content.

If you need some more motivation to get out of your comfort zone and stop caring about you think other people think of you… listen to this awesome speech by Arnie. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 6 rules of success speech In 2009 at his USC Commencement Speech, Arnold Schwarzenegger took time to share his “Six Rules to Success” in an epic speech. Source: Youtube/Yoan Barouk
Source: Facebook Casey Neistat

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