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Because of this mesmerising boy (13) I missed my train

Magical moment at Amsterdam Central Station

Magical moment

I was running through Amsterdam Central Station to catch my train. Until I heard this boy playing. BAM! I missed my train… He mesmerised me and other bystanders with his hypnotising performance. Keep watching it till the very end (and then press ‘repeat’ 😉

Mesmerising performance by Mees (13)Source: Facebook BrightVibes

Transforming public space

In the Netherlands (unlike here in the UK ha ha) the Dutch complain a lot about their National Railway company. But they all agree it was a strike of brilliance to put pianos at the large railway stations in Holland. 

The atmosphere has magically been transformed. Musicians can live out their hobby and entertain thousands of travellers each day. And somehow, the connection you have with fellow passengers enjoying a great performance, feels a lot better than jointly complaining about an overfull train. 

So National Railways; learn from the Dutch and follow their footsteps.

Another aMEESing performanceSource: None

Take time for talent

Yes, Mees’s performance made me ‘miss’ my train. But so what? By taking more time to appreciate talent we do ourself and the artists a great favour.

And that Mees is not the only talent entertaining travellers, you can see in the video below.

3 amazing talents meet randomlySource: None