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Art through different eyes

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NWN Photography is the world’s first photography ? agency for people with mental and physical challenges – creating a brand new perspective for us all.

“Nos, Why Not?” Photography is a nonprofit association from Spain.

"Nos, Why Not?", based in Galicia, Madrid and Barcelona, are the first agency to use only photographers with intellectual challenges and other disabilities. Their goal is to offer people with disabilities a profession or a hobby.

A photography agency for the differently-abled The first collection of images made by photographers with disabilities is now a reality. A meeting place between companies, organisations, graphic designers … and any photographers with disabilities who wish to be on the project are welcome. Source: BrightVibes/YouTube

Nonprofit teaches professional photography skills to people with disabilities

Spanish photography agency ‘NOS, WHY NOT?’ ("NOS" is the Spanish word for "US") works to facilitate inclusion through photography, creating an international network of photographers with disabilities. They are a nonprofit association that teaches professional photography skills to people with intellectual disabilities to increase self-esteem, inclusion and visibility.

They say their method of teaching photography to their students provides the necessary conditions for them to be able create quality work. In this way, the "Nos, Why Not?" agency of photographers with intellectual disabilities, was born.

To date the agency has taught more than 100 students, 3 of whom are also blind, and one blind from birth (who now knows colours through music). The photographers are in Madrid, Barcelona and Galicia. It has also helped to create a group of photographers with intellectual disabilities; Moro Photo in Nord-Odal (Norway), New York and Buenos Aires.

Source: Main Photo: Facebook/NwnPhoto

A “Protest” by people with disabilities in Norway was covered by NWN A “Protest” by people with disabilities in Oslo, Norway, was ably covered by NWN’s own photographer, Vicente Fernández Source: Facebook/NwnPhoto

Those once excluded are now the protagonists

Photographers "Nos, Why Not?" have photographed congresses, corporate portraits, concerts, press conferences, and they make their own reports and products to raise awareness and to benefit the society

"Nos, Why Not?" is a community with a network of photographers and a collective intelligence, that helps social and labour inclusion in a creative and cultural way, where those who can often be excluded are now the protagonists.


“Fernando”, one of NwnPhoto’s photographers Photographers “Nos, Why Not?” have photographed congresses, corporate portraits, concerts, press conferences, and they make their own reports and products to raise awareness and to benefit the society. Source: Facebook/NwnPhoto

Marvel at the stunning NWN photo gallery

You can check out some of the breathtaking work of the photographers of NWN Photography in the world’s very first collection of its kind. Click *HERE* for access.

Make an Impact

Get in touch with NWN to find out more or how you can get involved

NWN invite all people interested in their movement to get in touch with them: People with intellectual disabilities who are interested in photography, associations, photographers with disabilities, photographers who want to belong to this movement, companies or organisations looking for a new photograph with the social value... everyone is welcome!