How Non-Profit ‘We Carry Kevan’ Has Already Helped 900 Families With Tailor-made Backpacks

In the realm of non-profit initiatives, one remarkable organization, ‘We Carry Kevan,’ has made a profound impact by providing tailor-made backpacks, extending assistance to an astounding 900 families and counting.

In life, the greatest gift for a person with a disability goes beyond independence. It lies in the embrace of friends who genuinely love and care, standing by their side through thick and thin. None of us are meant to traverse life’s journey alone, and that sentiment holds true for everyone. Challenges may abound, and the path ahead may seem daunting. However, when you open your heart to the right people and embrace the courage to say “yes”  to the unknown, incredible transformations unfold. Not only for yourself but also for those who accompany you and the world observing your unwavering spirit. If you want to see the video we made interviewing Kevan, scroll up!

The awe-inspiring story of Kevan reveals the power of true friendship. For three remarkable weeks, his friends carried him in a custom-made hiking backpack, embarking on extraordinary adventures together. Upon returning home, families facing similar disabilities were intrigued, asking, “Where did you get this backpack? And where did you find such friends?” It were these very questions that led to the creation of a nonprofit organization, aiming to provide answers and support to those in need.

Source: Photo from Kevan's website

Kevan Traveled the World with His Friends and a Backpack

Kevan’s journey around the world, facilitated by his friends and a custom-made hiking backpack, became a symbol of courage and friendship. Their incredible bond inspired countless individuals, resulting in the delivery of 900 backpacks to 40 countries and leaving an indelible impact on families worldwide. Connie Chandler, Director of Family Engagement, witnessed firsthand the immense desire parents had for their children with disabilities to experience the same adventures. Exploring national parks, waterfalls, and even volcanoes became aspirations within reach.Every triumph, no matter how small, becomes a testament to the power of living fully and embracing each moment.

Source: Photo from Kevan's website

Encouraging Fullness of Life Through Family and Friendship

The nonprofit organization, “We Carry Kevan,”  serves as an embodiment of encouragement, uniting families and friends in their pursuit of a fulfilled existence. Together, they break down barriers and redefine what is possible.

“Working together and thinking outside the box opens a world of endless opportunities.” – Kevan

The impact of their journey extended far beyond their own experiences. Witnessing others emboldened by their story, embracing life’s wonders with newfound determination, fills the founders with hope for a brighter future. In the face of dark prognoses, families choose to live each moment to its fullest, defying limitations and shattering expectations.

Source: Photo from Kevan's website

The Joy of Shared Journeys and Unwavering Support

Life is not meant to be traversed alone. When you embrace this truth and invite others into your journey, the experience becomes extraordinary. The excitement of fellow adventurers joining you on your path makes every moment worth cherishing.

“The greatest thing that can happen to a person with a disability is having friends around you who love you and care about you,” – Connie (Kevan’s sister)

Source: Photo from Kevan's website

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